I'm Elsi Tauriainen, a mother of one and an artist from Oulu, Finland. My art is an exploration of humanity and the experiences that stem from it.

Feminine energies are an endless source of creativity for me! I'm fascinated by the apparent contrasts and contradictions associated with them, which, upon deeper examination, seem to form a cohesive and seamless whole. Themes of both sensitivity and strength, combined with feminine aesthetics, are recurring elements in my art.

Art is a way for me to express my emotions and inner world when words seem to fall short. I have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, which has certainly influenced the way I experience and understand the world. Thanks to it, I can also immerse myself in my art for hours on end, where the whole world disappears, and I feel one with my brush. I hope that my art could make people pause for a moment in their busy lives and appreciate the small, beautiful details of life.